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When facing conviction, charged with a DUI offense, dealing with a complex family law proceeding, or injured by the negligence of another individual, attorney Antonio F. Valiente and his associates are here to help. Our founding lawyer developed a strong desire to help people with their legal matters at an early age—hence, the establishment of Valiente Law. Entrust a faithful Miami criminal defense attorney with proven legal abilities to handle your case efficiently, professionally, and personally.

  • Extensive Legal Experience

    We have handled thousands of criminal defense, family law, DUI, and personal injury cases throughout our years in practice.

  • On-Call 24/7

    Our attorneys remain accessible to clients throughout the entirety of a case, ensuring that they have support the whole way through.

  • We Are Known to Win

    Valiente Law has a reputation for proven results, and we have a track record of successful case wins and victories to prove it.

  • A State-of-the-Art Firm

    As a modern practice, we utilize the latest technology to make communication, case updates, and legal resources easier for clients to obtain.

We handle cases on behalf of clients across Florida. Connect with Valiente Law to discuss next steps for your case. Call (786) 207-1772 or contact us online.

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Put Excellence On Your Side

Choose the right legal team for your case: Attorneys Antonio F. Valiente & Nicole Sinder. Our team possesses patience and readiness to comprehensively guide you through the process of your case. Any firm actively practicing law is in the service industry. Not only do our lawyers realize that, but we go above and beyond to provide positive client experiences beyond compare.

We consider ourselves to be devoted representatives, and knowledgeable educators. The last thing our attorneys want is to steer legal matters in the wrong direction. We will ensure that you receive credible information needed to make informed decisions throughout your case. Favorable case resolutions are a main goal of ours, but client satisfaction reigns supreme on our list of priorities.

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Here to Serve You

Entrust Your Legal Matters to Our Team

A Solid Legacy in the Legal Community

While no lawyer or law firm can guarantee a specific outcome, the legal team at Valiente Law works hard to use their knowledge and experience to build solid case strategies tailored to every unique case we take on. Because of this commitment to our clients and devotion to the law, we have obtained many favorable results for our past clients. Learn more about some of our successes.

Some of Our Past Results
    • State vs. Capote-Alvarez Not Guilty
    • State vs. Sosa Not Guilty
    • State vs. Atis Not Guilty
    • State of Florida vs. Salvatore Basile Not Guilty
    • State of Florida vs. Raul Machin-Cuenca Not Guilty
    • State vs. Morley Not Guilty
    • State of Florida vs. Nathaniel Coker Dismissed at the close of State’s case
    • State of Florida vs. Gabriel Mobley Both counts of Second Degree Murder Dismissed
    • State of Florida vs. Richard Summerall Not Guilty
    • State of Florida vs. “A.K.” Case Dismissed
    • State of Florida vs. Christopher Jamison Not Guilty 1,2,6,7 & 8
    • State of Florida vs. Lewis Fonseca Not Guilty
    • State of Florida vs. Charles Jackson & “F.S.F.” Not Guilty.
    • State of Florida vs. Demetrius Young Not Guilty
    • State vs. Zubizarreta Not Guilty
    • United States of America vs. Carrera, et al Not Guilty on all counts.
    • State of Florida vs. Veronica Jordan Not Guilty All Counts
    • State of Florida vs. “D.R." All charges dismissed
    • State of Florida vs. Anthony Miller All charges dismissed
    • State of Florida vs. Christopher Coley Not Guilty All Counts
    • State of Florida vs. Dilson Polanco State dismissed charges
    • State vs. Dustin Not Guilty
    • State vs. Hill Dismissed by Court
    • State of Florida vs. Zeddrick Smith Not Guilty All Counts
    • State of Florida vs. Abel Lugones Not Guilty
    • State of Florida vs. Alphonso Gainer Count 1: Guilty; Counts 2, 3, & 4: Not guilty
    • State of Florida vs. “D.R." Case Dismissed
    • State of Florida vs. Abraham Brown Dismissed, Count 2: Not Guilty
    • State of Florida vs. Joel Almaguer Not Guilty
    • State of Florida vs. Devin Williams Count 1: Not Guilty
    • State of Florida vs. Carlos Hernandez-Puig
    • State vs. Alvarez Not Guilty
    • State vs. Davis Dismissed by State
    • State of Florida vs. Watson Dorval Not guilty to both counts
    • State of Florida vs. Yuri Quila Count (1): Not Guilty

Clients Are Our Biggest Endorsers

Hear Their Thoughts About Our Firm
  • “He kept me informed and I got the best results I could’ve possibly got.”


  • “He maintained a positive attitude which calmed my nerves through this process.”


  • “If I ever need another family law attorney I know where to go.”

    Ricardo D.

  • “Thank you Antonio for all your hard work, you made this whole process light and stress free.”


  • “I am forever grateful to Mr. Valiente.”


  • “Attorney Valiente provided exceptional service and was thorough in the court room. ”


  • “Took care of me great, resolved my case exactly like I wanted, and was always available at all times.”

    Daniela C.

  • “An Amazing Human Being”
  • “Very grateful for your service, professionalism, and kindness. ”


  • “ He handled our criminal case better than we could have expected. ”

    Doug K.

  • “Mr. Valiente continues to bring justice to court rooms and to family’s. ”


  • “Mr. Valiente always made me feel like I was his only & most important client.”

    Kizzie G.

  • “Good man, very professional staff. ”


  • “Amazing experience”


  • “Mr. Valiente provided excellent service, very professional and courteous. ”

    Orlando R.

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